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This page contains cars or images that I cannot attribute to anyone in particular. These are all reproduced without permission from anyone. If you own any of these images and want me to remove them, send an email and I will promptly do so.

The famous Grabbit! This car is very famous in the DCI circuit and in its day was a SCREAMER!

This is the back of the John Muir Book. Looks like a Swallowtail, but I am not sure. The cartoon aspect makes it tough to see. Either way, it is cool.

It was pointed out to me by Jan Seizew that this picture is of a member's car from the "Original Golf 1 Interessengemeinschaft e.V,which is a Golf/Rabbit Club with about 100 Members in Europe.

Notice the clear glass (no defrost lines)...

This one was sent to me by John Gollub.. but is a member's car from www.urgolf.de.vu.

Here is a sad Miami Blue Swallowtail (sitting on a non swallowtail) whose days are numbered! This picture was taken by Aaron from Snohomish WA (Vortex ID: NotAGTi). In Aaron's words "Spotted this one while dropping off a Golf shell at the local scrapper/crusher. The top one is a swallowtail, the bottom a regular rabbit." Very sad...

Here's another junkyard ... Sadness... I see two swallowtail, and at least three more bug eyed Rabbits...

NEW INFO: I got an email from Chris, saying the following:


Just wanted to let you know the following picture was taken
by myself about two years ago. The yard is actually in Rural Kentucky about 30-45 minutes outside
of Louisville. It is not an actual junkyard, more like 15-20 acres filled
with old cars (predominately A1 VWs, about 80-100 A1s total) that some guy
just sells parts from here and there. I'd rather not give out the exact
contact info for him because he honestly is not in it to sell money and is
in no way a "people person". Anyway that wrecking yard is enourmos and
old as can be with a lot of cars pre 50's in the back. Lots of VW's
there as well. prices almost free...I hope you can pass this info along
to anyone interested in good old parts for any make, but also a lot of
old vw stuff post Beetle.

Chris Watson

Here's two shots sent in my Eric Tomorrow (e_tomorrow on the Vortex). They show a yellow swallowtail taking its last ride along the highway.

This one was sent to me by John Gollub.. but is a member's car from www.urgolf.de.vu.

These next two were sent to me by Oliver Kuhl. This is the same car as above. It (as was pointed out to me by Jan Seizew) belongs to Edin Bukvic. It apparently has between 70 and 80K km original! Edin also has a 77 with less than 30K original! There are more available at: www.typ53.com

I stole this one from a post by Gert (Baldrimmer). It was taken at VW Mania 2003.

Here's a picture I took with my camera phone... I saw a "swallowtail" and got a picture!

Here is a cool picture sent to me by E. Stuurstraat. This picture is obviously from the volksforum, and I encourage you to cruise over to their site and have a look! Tons of good stuff!

Here's another from E. Stuurstraat. This car belongs to Stijn, but he is currently driving it.. :)

This next one is from E. Stuurstraat. He says:

"Found another one, some guy went to a old vw dealer and shot this picture! It's a German licenseplate but it is standing in Holland. The USA sticker is also nice :)"

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