Cashe Pawlik's Swallowtail

VWVortex user ID: Liquid45Cashe

Casimir Pawlik
Northglen, CO

VIN: 176 313 0607

"These were taken on Sunday (Nov 1, 2003) when I had the body man come to my house. I am doing a right hand drive conversion as well as a rally grill converssion. This car will be a one of a kind when she is completed! I have spent many nights lying awake deciding what I want to do as far as paint scheme and power train and what not. It is slowly progressing. If any of you could help me find parts for the RHD conversion I would be grateful!"

"The story behind the car is that I am the 2nd owner. In 84, the original owner began to take the car apart (for god knows what reason). The gentleman passed away and the car sat in the garage for many years until the house was sold and the car was taken away as charity. Nobody wanted this stripped beauty so she ended up in a VW junk yard where I found her and instantly fell in love. I trailered her up and took her home. My biggest challenge is to get the title to the car, I am working on a way to bond the car considering the title holder has passed on. I am excited to be the first person to put her back on the road for the first time in almost 20 years.

These first two pictures are of the day Cashe found the car.. Also note the sweet 2 door Jetta!

And the rest are as it sits now....

Here's the paint code (D2D2)

And here is the VIN plate...