Dan Reid's Swallowtail

Dan Reid
Menlo Park CA

VWVortex user ID: dbreid

Here are a few shots of my Rabbit. I Bought it as a shell (no motor, no interior), and it is actucally a 1976! Built Sept. 19th, 1975, it is only two weeks from being a model year 75. I bought it for the swallowtail, and for the color. Notice the weird interior Green color (M2M2 Lofoten Green)

I am doing a total rebuild, and I have a 1.6L motor with a Drake 8V head, DCOE 40s and lots and lots of other major goodies. If you look, the car is literally a parts bucket for my museum right now.

This little "photoshoot" happened in early October when I put the suspension back under the car long enough to pull another car in the garage to work on. It is now back inside, where it belongs...


Other Cars Owned:

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