Sean Kramer's Swallowtail

Build date:11/74
vin#175 314 3693

It was bought at Seigfried Motors in Englewood Cliffs, NJ in January 1975. The second owner purchased it in November '75. That owner logged about 49k miles on the car during ownership, and the car ended up in a barn in New Hampshire in 1984, where it sat for 17 years! The last oil change sticker was from a month before I was born! A mechanic rescued it and I purchased it from him, 6k more miles on the clock. It is completely original, minus snowflakes which will be replaced by the originals that came with it. I have the original manual, customer ID card, maps from '74, dealer guide, and a notebook that the gas mileage was logged in in 8-75. Original Miami Blue paint, original interior, everything as it was in 1975. My plans for this car are to have surface rust spots professionally touched up, add chrome mirrors, handels, and trim, original wheels, and keep everything stock. I sold my cherry '91 GLI 16v to get this car, and i know I made the right decision.

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