Loic Thomas's Swallowtail

Loic Thomas, France

175 322 7673

First registration 25/03/1975, this is the LS model with an automatic gearbox, FH engine.

This is a 3 doors, "marinogelb" (in German) colour code E6E6.

This car was sold in March 1975 and only 68000 Kms on the clock.

The seats are covered by a leather protection since ... 1975, the seats never saw the sun since the travel from Wolfsburg to Paris :))

The previous (and first owner) was an old man who drive the car in my town only to buy wine and bread, that's terrible as I was trying to buy this car since 10 years (the car was sleeping in the street and my home is near is the car ... I was afraid by the idea that the car could be destroyed after the death of this man ...