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I found this picture looking through an article about the great designer Giugiaro (worked with Bertone). It is apparently a SUPER early prototype of the Golf MK1 from the 60's...

"The design for the Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit was begun in the 1960s, showing that Giugiaro had the folded-paper concept in mind earlier than most believe.
The squared-off Golf, often Europe's top-seller, was in direct contrast to the Käfer/Beetle which preceded it."


These shots were sent to me by John Gollub. Notice the early wind tunnel prototype, as well as the Yellow Golf used to test tires!

This little car is in the VW museum. There is a huge article about this car on page 3 of the Historical Swallowtail stuff...

And these three shots are a "history" all by themselves! I stole these images from www.vwvortex without permission.

And here's another cool shot of the 76 GTI. This one was sent to me by Jake DeGroot.


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