Historical Swallowtail Stuff

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The pictures below are from grasshopperdrag (Claus von Essen)from the vortex. Here are some notes from Claus as well:

"Different taillamps where used on at least one of the early roadtest cars.
Some of those also came with different headlamp/flasher set-ups than later production cars.
Enclosed is a bunch of pics scanned from the VW Reports 3,6 and 9
Starting with modelling the prototypes by hand and roadtest pics."

"Later pics are at the factory. the front train is filled with NA spec cars dating to late 79 so a little out.
The yellow cars where used to test new tires during a 94 day trip from Alaska to Fireland (October 74)
One of those is at the VW museum and must be a very early car. Its tailgate trim runs around the edges meeting up with the side trim."

Swallowtail getting painted...

Early hand prototyping...

More hand work... Notice that the car below has two door on the right and only one on the left!


This neat little shot was found and sent to me by Jim Freeman.


Here are a couple more sent in by Claus Von Essen. The one with all the trains is one of the best...


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